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Blood Glucose Levels

10 Telltale Signs Your Blood Sugar May be too High If you’re living with Type 2 diabetes, managing your disease is all about controlling blood sugar levels. Now, a lot of factors come into play when trying to keep blood sugar levels in check - diet, exercise, insulin injections and other medications, and, of course, regular blood glucose testing, whether by glucose meter and test strips or using a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM). For most of us with diabetes, self-monitoring our blood sugar levels is a part of daily life. We follow our doctor-prescribed testing and treatment program designed...

Unboxing the Dexcom G6 CGM System

DexCom G6 Unboxing In this post, we profile one of the top doctor-prescribed Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems on the market today - the DexCom G6. If you’re living with diabetes, you already know the importance of testing your blood sugar regularly. It’s the key to keeping your diabetes in control and avoiding serious health complications, including heart disease, neuropathy, kidney disease, eye problems and other serious conditions. While most people still use a glucose meter and test strips to measure their blood sugar levels, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is becoming more and more popular due to the ease, accuracy, and,...

What is Type 2 Diabetes

What is Type 2 Diabetes: A Better Understanding for Better Living Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Type 2 diabetes accounts for between 90% and 95% of all cases and with more than 34 million Americans currently living with diabetes that’s a lot of people. Additionally, there are some 88 million people in the United States currently classified as prediabetic and the vast majority of these individuals, around 84%, are not aware that they face a severe risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The...

The Importance of Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes and Exercise Being Active Can Help Keep Your Diabetes Under Control. Regular physical activity is an important part of diabetes management. We tell you why and offer up a few good fitness activities you may want to try.   If you’re among the more than 34 million Americans living with diabetes and already have a doctor-approved physical activity regimen in place - congratulations. You know how much of an advantage being active is when it comes to controlling your diabetes. However, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes and have not yet begun an exercise or activity plan,...

Risk Factors Leading To Type 2 Diabetes

Knowing the risk factors and what you can do to avoid Type 2 Diabetes. Nearly everyone who has ever been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at some point had prediabetes. They just didn’t realize it.

Managing Blood Sugar Ups And Downs

Managing blood sugar is a delicate, and, often difficult, challenge for many people with diabetes. After all, the disease itself raises blood sugar levels.