Price Guarantee

The Guarantee

Diabetic Warehouse is so confident that we have the best customer service and the best prices, that we offer a 100% Price Protection. We are constantly checking our competitor’s sites to match current prices being advertised. If you purchase any item from Diabetic Warehouse and find within 7 days, an advertised price that is lower, we will credit the difference to your account. Certain restrictions apply. 100% Price Protection does not include any auction site or sites that do not have customer service answering the phones during normal business hours. 

The Process

Diabetic Warehouse will constantly search for the very best deals online so that we are able to provide you, our customers with the lowest possible prices. We check competitors prices weekly to ensure we are offering the best deals. If we find our prices to be higher that a competing company, we update our site immediately if we are able to based on our cost and the manufacturers' minimum price policy. This means we will do our very best to price match or beat our competitors price. Diabetic Warehouse offers our 100% Price Guarantee because we would like to be your go to online store for all your diabetic supply needs.
If you find a lower price on a competitors website and wish to purchase from Diabetic Warehouse, please contact our Customer Service Department for a better price if available. We are here to assist you with all your diabetic needs along with great prices and exceptional customer service. We promise to provide a lower price or price match if we are able to do so under our contractual obligations with our manufacturers per their minimum price policies.
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Delivery Delayed by USPS

The last strips I ordered worked well. I believe the ones delivered today probably will work just as well.
I ordered the strips on 2/12/21. They arrived today, 2/27/21.
I believe the long delivery time was caused by the United States Postal Service. You should use UPS or FEDEX until the USPS can do better.

Accu-Chek Guide Test Strips 100ct

It is very much easier to use than the other ones that I used before. It could be a 5 star but I am anew user so I don’t want to go that far yet. Everyone who has to test should try this meter.

Excellent Service

During the freeze in Texas I didn’t receive my order. I sent an email the minute it was over the they responded immediately and acknowledged the mail had been bad during that week. Received my order the next day!

TRUE Metrix Test Strips 100ct