How to avoid running out of test strips and what you can do if you run out?

For anyone living with diabetes, the most important part of your diabetes treatment plan is testing your blood sugar each day. After all, you can’t effectively manage your diabetes unless you can identify trends in blood sugar related to time of day, dietary factors, activity level, sleep patterns, and other lifestyle factors. Plus, you can’t accurately correct for any sudden highs or lows without being able to quickly test your blood sugar to determine just how elevated or low your blood sugar has actually become in that moment.

How many times you test your blood sugar each day depends on your individual diabetes condition and should be determined by your personal physician and care team. However, if you’re like most people living with diabetes, you need to test your blood sugar multiple times during the day, as well as anytime you experience the symptoms of high or low blood sugar.


Your glucose meter is useless if you run out of test strips.

If you test blood sugar using a doctor-recommended glucose meter (leading brands include Contour Next, Accu-Chek, FreeStyle, TrueMetrix, and OneTouch) and the appropriate test strips, you already know that your meter is entirely useless if you run out of test strips.

That’s why it’s important to never let this happen.

Now if you’re thinking, “don’t worry I have everything under control,” we’re not arguing with you. But no one ever plans to run out of diabetic test strips. Nevertheless, life is full of surprises, and it can happen to the best of us. How? Maybe for a few weeks you’ve had to test more often than usual for some reason. Maybe you thought you had an extra vial of diabetic test strips only to find out you didn’t. Maybe that extra safeguard supply of test strips you keep tucked away has finally reached its expiration date.

The point is life happens. However, there are some steps you can take to avoid running out of diabetic test strips. Here are two recommendations from our team at Diabetic Warehouse, where our mission is to make managing your diabetes heath and treatment plan as easy, affordable and convenient as possible with a complete online selection of diabetic supplies, including glucose meters, test strips, lancets, insulin syringes, pen needles and more.

  1. Always Keep a Safeguard  Vial of Test Strips Stored Away 

It’s always wise to keep an extra supply of diabetic test strips safely stored away as a backup. Remember to store them in their original packaging at room temperature. Also, be sure to go ahead and use this extra supply before it expires. The easiest way to do this is to simply replace your backup with a new vial from your next purchase and use what were your backup test strips for your current blood sugar tests. Continuing to replace your backup this way will ensure your extra supply never expires before you can use it, which, in turn, will provide you with a little added piece-of-mind (not to mention test strips) on the off chance you ever find yourself running low.  

  1. Sign Up for A Test Strip Subscription Service

If you ask us, this is the best way to make sure you always have enough test strips; that you never run out; and that your supply is nowhere near its expiration date. A Diabetic Warehouse, we provide a free subscription service that will automatically deliver the right amount of test strips to your door each month, based on your doctor-prescribed testing schedule. Here’s why this is such a great program

– Signing up saves you an additional 10% off our already reduced prices.

– You can modify your subscription at any time. So, should you ever need more, or fewer test strips based on doctor recommendations, changing your subscription plan can be done instantly and easily online or even by text message.

­– We’ll send you real-time notifications before processing each order, so you always know exactly what you’re paying and when your order will arrive.

– You’re free to cancel your subscription at any time and for any reason if you are not completely satisfied.

Why take chances? Our Auto-Ship Program is the easy way to make sure you never run out of test strips.


What to do if you have already run out of test strips?

Unfortunately, not even Diabetic Warehouse can magically  get you test strips in the spur of the moment if you’ve already run out (which is why it’s so important not to!).

If you use insurance to cover the cost of your test strips and happen to run out during the week and within your doctor’s office hours, you might try calling up to see if they can rush a subscription over to your local pharmacy for pick up.

If you foot the bill yourself, you can try your local pharmacy which will more than likely have your brand of test strips in stock. However, be prepared to pay the full retail price. You won’t find Diabetic Warehouse prices at local pharmacies or suppliers, so we suggest buying the smallest quantity, just enough to get you through the immediate need.


We hope you found this post informative and helpful. At Diabetic Warehouse, we’re committed to keeping you up to date with the latest news and tips on living with diabetes. We’re also committed to saving you up to 65% on doctor-recommended diabetic supplies from leading manufacturers, such as Accu-Chek, OneTouch, FreeStyle, Easy Comfort, Clever Choice, TRUEmetrix and many others.


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