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Diabetes Superfoods

Top Diabetes Superfoods 10 delicious picks to help you stay super healthy! The day you’re diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes everything changes. Suddenly, making smart lifestyle choices is more important than ever, and one area that your doctor will surely recommend making some big changes in is your diet.  The reality is that a poor diet, which contributes to unhealthy weight gain, is a leading contributor to the development Type 2 diabetes. On the plus side, a healthy diet, one that’s low in fats and sugars and high in nutritional value, can help you better manage blood sugar levels and provide...

Diabetes & Snacks

Snacking With Diabetes Dos and Don'ts to help you satisfy cravings and better manage blood sugar.. For those managing diabetes, snacking is often seen as something to avoid or at the very least worry about. That’s probably because we associate snacking with a whole lot of food groups that just aren’t advantageous to diabetes health. However, snacks are not the enemy. In fact, when done responsibly snacking can be a great way to enhance the control you have over your blood sugar, especially if you are currently taking insulin or other diabetes medications. So, the next time you find yourself...

Risk Factors Leading To Type 2 Diabetes

Knowing the risk factors and what you can do to avoid Type 2 Diabetes. Nearly everyone who has ever been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at some point had prediabetes. They just didn’t realize it.

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