10 Must-Follow Diabetic Accounts on Instagram 

If there’s one thing that’s true about the diabetes community, it’s that we love supporting each other. Once in the club, you’re part of a group that is passionate about living our best lives and spreading the word about ways to stay healthy and happy to our fellow diabetics.

Thanks to the rise of social media, there’s now a whole new world of friends out there who can help you better manage your blood sugar, look at the disease from different perspectives, and sometimes just make you laugh yourself silly.

Instagram is the king of social media these days and in this post, we call out some of our favorite Instagrammers who are doing their level best to inform, entertain and support the diabetes community. Some are organizations, some are doctors, and some are just motivated individuals who are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes just like millions of others out there.

Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Instagram Accounts to follow if you are among the more than 32 million Americans living with diabetes.

  1. @Joslindiabetes

We’re going to start our list with Joslin Diabetes Center located in Boston, Massachusetts. This leading diabetes treatment and research center is home to researchers, physicians, clinicians, and educators dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes. The teams at Joslin Diabetes Center are committed to finding a cure for the disease and to helping those currently living with diabetes do it without complications. Follow their Instagram account for some positive and powerful news about diabetes, breakthroughs that are happening now and, on the horizon, and details about diabetes research and the good people doing it. If you’ve ever felt like diabetes care and treatment has been put on the back burner, these folks will prove to you that’s absolutely not the case.

  1. @dmomblog

This is the Instagram account of Leighann Calentine, mother to a diabetic child, author of the book, “Kids First, Diabetes Second”, and renowned diabetes blogger. If you’re the parent of a child with diabetes this account is definitely one to follow, offering humorous takes on being diabetic moms and dads, as well as great tips on how to handle the responsibilities that come with supporting a child with diabetes, including checking your child’s blood sugar, administering insulin, and creating diabetes-healthy snacks.

  1. @doctordiabeatit

Heather Lampert isn’t just crushing it when it comes to living with Type 1 diabetes. She’s also a post-doctorate research fellow at Joslin Diabetes Center. As an Instagrammer, she offers both human and scientific takes on living with diabetes, and she does it all while balancing being a mom with an extremely demanding career as a physician. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed about living with diabetes, Heather is sure to inspire you and provide some valuable insight.

  1. @getyourshittogethercarol

Yep, that’s a four-letter word in her Instagram handle. Emily has been living with Type 1 diabetes since being diagnosed at the age of seven. She’s a foster mom, a pet lover, and an all-around great Instagram poster. What’s a little different about Emily is that she’s gone ahead and given her diabetes its own name - Carol. This account is a blast to follow mixing humor and humanity to bring you inspiring stories, lots of laughs and plenty of tips for healthy diabetes living.

  1. @sixuntilme

Karri Sparling curates this Instagram account. She’s a fantastic writer who rather brilliantly shares her personal stories and insights on living with diabetes. If you’re looking for some creative takes on controlling that blood sugar, this is your place.

  1. @anita_nicole_brown

Anita is an aspiring actress and Type 1 diabetic from Chicago, Illinois who is not at all shy about sharing her struggles and triumphs over living with diabetes, proudly posting photos using her OmniPod insulin delivery system and chronicling her blood sugar measurements. Anita is all personality and following her on Instagram is sure to lift your spirits and inspire you to make the most of every day.

  1. @thehangrywoman

One of the greatest challenges of controlling diabetes is managing your diet. You want to be smart. But you also want to enjoy some savory meals. Mila Clarke who curates @thehangrywoman is living with Type 2 diabetes but that doesn’t stop her from cooking and eating deliciously. Her posts are full of great recipes - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check her out for some inspiring ways to eat right and eat good.

  1. @diabetesresearch

Want to keep up on the latest research taking place on the way to finding a cure for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? Here you go. This is the Instagram account of the Diabetes Research Institute, and it is a motherload of information about what’s new in care, treatment and research.

  1. @t1dchick

Jillian does not mess around. She’s amassed nearly 50,000 Instagram followers thanks to posts that are both enlightening and light-hearted. As the handle says, she is living with Type 1 diabetes and posts about everything from using her Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor to the many ways she is living her best life with diabetes. You’ll find plenty of diabetes tips, tricks and hacks, as well as  honest takes on the challenges of living with the disease. Fun, free-spirited and very informative, Jillian is a Type 1 diabetes success story worth following. 

  1. @typeoneoutdoors

Paul Reid has Type 1 diabetes but that certainly hasn’t slowed him down in the least. His Instagram account chronicles his many outdoor treks and adventures in South California and points beyond. On his feed, you’ll find lots of photos and stories highlighting his experiences. You’ll also find great tips on controlling blood sugar while being far from home. You don’t have to take things as far as Paul, but he just might inspire you to be more active, which is great for controlling your blood sugar and managing your diabetes.


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