Top 10 Reasons to Buy Your Diabetic Supplies Online

If you’re among the more than 34 million Americans living with diabetes, you know that managing the disease can feel overwhelming at times for a lot of different reasons. There’s all the time you invest to test your blood sugar, plan for diabetes friendly meals, and fit in the right amount of exercise. There’s the cost of diabetic supplies and medications, which can put a strain on many household budgets. Then, there’s the ever-nagging concern about running out of test strips, lancets, syringes and other daily diabetic supplies you need to maintain blood sugar and effectively manage your diabetes.

While nothing is going to magically eliminate the added responsibilities that come with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, thanks to the e-commerce boom there are now online diabetic suppliers that can provide some pretty great advantages when it comes to shopping and purchasing the supplies your diabetes physician recommends. With this in mind, here are our top 10 reasons to consider shopping with an online diabetic supply company.

  1. Cost

It’s no secret that even with good insurance the costs of purchasing diabetic supplies and equipment keeps going up. For those who are uninsured or underinsured, the out-of-pocket expenses can be downright staggering. This is one big reason to explore an online diabetic supply company. Many online suppliers are able to offer supplies and equipment at significant savings over local pharmacies and other providers. In fact, Diabetic Warehouse, one of the nation’s leading diabetic supply companies, is able to save online shoppers up to 65% off the retail price of many doctor-recommended products.

  1. Product Selection

Online diabetic supply companies act as wholesale warehouses and, in most cases, offer a selection of diabetic supplies and equipment far greater than that found in the average store. This is particularly true of those disposable supplies that are used every day, such as insulin syringes, pen needles, lancets and diabetic test strips. This gives you the opportunity to explore different options, with your doctor’s approval, of course. The point is, when shopping online you’re sure to have no problem finding the right supplies to go along with your individual diabetes treatment plan.

  1. Choice of Leading Brands

It’s not just a greater selection of products that distinguish the best online diabetic supply companies. The top ones also make sure you have a choice of diabetic supplies and equipment from the most reputable and respected manufacturers. For example, they might carry test strips by OneTouch, Accu-Chek, FreeStyle, Contour Next and others. They might carry continuous glucose monitoring products from brands like FreeStyle and Dexcom. They might also carry infusion sets for leading insulin pump and patch systems, such as those from OmniPod, Medtronic and Tandem. The point is the best diabetic suppliers have great relationships with the brands you and your doctor trust for your diabetes testing and treatment program.

  1. Convenience of Free Shipping

Leading companies, such as Diabetic Warehouse, guarantee free delivery on every order. After all, what’s the point in saving money if you just end up spending those savings on expensive shipping costs? You should expect free delivery in 3-4 days on orders placed before 3pm on any normal business day. Also, make sure you choose a diabetic supply company that doesn’t require a minimum purchase in order to get free delivery. Maybe you just need a quick restock of test strips. There’s no reason you should have to purchase any other products just to secure free delivery.

  1. Long-Lead Expiration Dates

Top diabetic supply companies also ensure that every perishable product, such as diabetic test strips, come with a long-lead expiration date. In other words, these products have not been sitting on a shelf collecting dust and getting closer and closer to the point they’re no longer viable. With a trusted online diabetic supply company, you can be sure the products you get are of the finest quality and give you ample time to use them before they expire.

  1. Automated Delivery Options

Many online suppliers also offer automated scheduling and shipping options that allow you to “subscribe” in order to receive the products you use most often. Your subscription locks in savings and guarantees free recurring delivery, so you never run out of the supplies you need. It’s an easy way to set things up in advance, so you’ll never have to worry about those last-minute runs to the pharmacy again.

  1. Related Products and Supplies

Remember, as someone living with diabetes there are a number of health factors you probably should be monitoring related to your diabetes. That’s why many online suppliers also offer products such as blood pressure monitors, wound care products, diabetes-related foot care products, weight loss products, smoking cessation products and many others. Think of your online diabetic supply company as a one-stop shop for most of your healthcare needs.

  1. Saving Time and Energy

It’s not just money you’ll save with a good online diabetic supply company. You’ll also save all the time you spend each month rushing off to your local pharmacy or supply store. This is particularly advantageous for those who might be experiencing mobility issues due to age or diabetes-related factors, such as obesity and diabetic neuropathy.

  1. Personal Privacy

Not everyone is comfortable with people knowing their health and medical conditions. Shopping online is safe, secure, and discreet with packages delivered directly to your home or office.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

Great online supply companies always back their products with exceptional customer service. This includes answering questions about various equipment and products, helping you track orders, and handling any returns you might need to make. It’s usually as easy as a quick phone call or email to get all your questions answered.


Many people living with diabetes are perfectly comfortable shopping at their local pharmacies and diabetic supply stores. However, if your busy life could use a little added convenience and some nice cost savings to boot, you might consider trying an online diabetic supply company, such as Diabetic Warehouse. It just might make managing your diabetes a whole lot easier.

We hope you found this blog interesting and informative. At Diabetic Warehouse, we understand the challenges of living with diabetes and know the best thing you can do to stay healthy once diagnosed is adhere to your doctor-prescribed testing and treatment program.

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