Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Silhouette Infusion Set

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Check  Made for Comfort: Choose your insertion angle!
Check  Easy to Use:  Comfortable insertion!
Check  Ultra Convenient:  Supports against needle dislodging!
Check  Low-profile Design:  Soft, tapered cannula

Medtronic MiniMed Silhouette Infusion Set

MiniMed Silhouette : Comfort and flexibility 
MiniMed Silhouette is the MiniMed infusion set which offers the most flexibility, with a variable insertion angle from 20 to 45° enabling to adjust the depth of insertion. This flexibility combined with Silhouette's very slim profile makes it particularly comfortable for very active people, lean children or adults or pregnant women.

  • Soft cannula of 13mm or 17mm, available in various tubing lengths.
  • Sil-Serter® insertion device required for insertion, or manual insertion.
  • Convenient at-site tubing disconnection and transparent.

MiniMed Silhouette Infusion Set Features:

The Silhouette infusion set is ideal for lean and active individuals

  • Available in either 13mm or 17mm soft cannula
  • Discreet, low-profile design that disconnects at the insertion site
  • Works with Sil-serter to provide optimal insertion every time
  • Only compatible with the Paradigm Pump
  • Various tubing lengths available
  • All MiniMed infusion sets tubing and reservoirs are designed with a unique MiniMed connection for a more secure insulin delivery
  • This is the reason why the MiniMed infusion sets are available in packs of 10 full sets (cannula + tubing), for an appropriate and convenient supply
  • It is recommended to change your Silhouette tubing and cannula every 48 to 72 hours


How to use the Silhouette Infusion set with your Medtronic Insulin Pump

Note: Paradigm Infusion Sets are only compatible with the Paradigm Pump.

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