Prodigy AutoCode Glucose Test Strips 200ct

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Prodigy AutoCode Test Strips 200ct

The only English & Spanish speaking, No-Coding, blood Glucose monitoring system available. The Prodigy No Coding test strips 200 are engineered with an easy to use design that will give you fast and accurate results. Testing blood sugar levels has never been easier.

  • The Prodigy AutoCode Glucose Test Strips 200 use the Prodigy Autocode Talking Glucose Meter amongst the Pocket and Voice Meters.
  • No Coding Required: You won't have to look for the code that matches, making the process faster and easier.
  • Alternate Site Testing: Test from your palms, forearms, upper-arms, thighs and calves, which have fewer nerve endings than your fingertips.
  • Tiny Blood Sample: Requires only a 0.6 micro liter blood sample.Fast: Fast and accurate results within 6 seconds.
  • Easy to Use: Automatically draw blood into the strips, and with the use of this Prodigy AutoCode test strips and the available Prodigy AutoCode Meter you are able to hear your results instantly in English or Spanish.
  • Prodigy’s FREE Software: With the Prodigy’s free software, you will be able to download your glucose levels to your PC and make an average of them.

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Prodigy No Coding Test Strip Compatibility:

  • Prodigy AutoCode Talking Glucose Monitoring System
  • Prodigy Voice Talking Glucose Monitoring System
  • Prodigy Pocket Glucose Monitoring System
  • Prodigy Preferred Glucose Monitoring System

Prodigy No Coding Test Strips 200ct

The Prodigy Autocode Test Strips 200ct work with the following Prodigy Meters; Prodigy AutoCode, Pocket, and Voice. The test strips allow the meters to test only when there is enough blood on the testing strip, saving the user cost in test strips. The capillary action automatically draws the blood sample into the test strip. Prodigy No Coding test strips do not use GDH-PQQ technology and are approved for alternate site testing. Prodigy's glucose oxidase technology allows for safer and more accurate results everytime.

Package Includes:
200 Prodigy Auto-Code Glucose Test Strips (4 boxes of 50)

Notes & Specifications:
Manufactured by Diagnostic Devices

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