TRUE Metrix Meter Combo (Meter & 100 Test Strips)

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TRUE Metrix Glucose Meter w/ 100 Test Strips

The TRUE Metrix Meter Combo is the complete solution for accurate and effortless blood glucose monitoring. This all-in-one kit combines the advanced TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose Meter with 100 TRUE Metrix Test Strips, offering everything you need for consistent and reliable diabetes management.

What’s Included:

  • TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose Meter
  • 100 TRUE Metrix Test Strips
  • Self-Test Log Book
  • Compact Carrying Case
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide

Why Choose the TRUE Metrix Meter Combo?

TRUE Metrix Blood Glucose Meter

  • Large, Easy-to-Read Display: Clear numbers make results easy to see at a glance.
  • No Coding Required: Simple operation with no need for manual coding.
  • Fast & Accurate Results: Provides blood glucose readings in just 4 seconds with Triple Sense Technology for reliable results.
  • Memory Storage: Stores up to 500 readings with date and time, allowing you to track glucose trends over time.

TRUE Metrix Test Strips 100ct

  • High-Performance Accuracy: Designed for use with the TRUE Metrix Meter, ensuring precise readings.
  • Small Sample Size: Requires only a tiny 0.5 microliter blood sample, making testing less painful.
  • Easy Handling: Simple to use with easy-to-eject strips for hygienic disposal.

Portable Carrying Case

  • Portable & Protective: Keeps all components organized and secure, perfect for testing on-the-go.

TRUE Metrix combines advanced technology with ease of use, providing reliable and accurate blood glucose monitoring in a convenient package. Whether you're new to diabetes management or looking for a dependable upgrade, the TRUE Metrix Glucose Meter Combo Kit ensures you have the tools you need for effective glucose control.

TRUE Metrix Meter FAQs

What is the TRUE Metrix Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter?

The TRUE Metrix is a device specifically designed to measure blood sugar levels for diabetes management.

How is the TRUE Metrix meter used?

Insert a TRUE Metrix test strip into the meter, obtain a small blood sample with a lancing device, apply the sample to the test strip, and wait for the meter to show your glucose level.

What are the recommended blood glucose levels for people with diabetes?

Typically, fasting blood glucose should range from 70-130 mg/dL, and post-meal readings should be less than 180 mg/dL.

How often should I check my blood glucose using the TRUE Metrix meter?

The frequency of testing is based on personal health needs and medical advice, with many people testing several times a day.

Is it necessary to calibrate the TRUE Metrix meter?

Calibration is usually automatic with the TRUE Metrix meter. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with the device for accurate results.

What should I do if the meter displays an error?

Consult the error message section in the user manual, verify that both the meter and test strips are in good condition, and contact customer service if needed.

Can other test strips be used with the TRUE Metrix meter?

Only TRUE Metrix test strips should be used with this meter to ensure accurate measurements.

How should TRUE Metrix test strips be stored?

Store test strips in their original container in a cool, dry place to protect them from moisture and maintain accuracy.

When is it time to replace the batteries in the TRUE Metrix meter?

Replace the batteries when the meter indicates low power or if the display is faint.

What warranty coverage is provided for the TRUE Metrix meter?

The warranty typically covers defects in manufacturing for a certain period as specified in the purchase documentation.

How do I perform a test with the TRUE Metrix meter?

Insert a test strip into the meter, use the lancing device to get a blood sample, apply it to the strip, and the meter will display your glucose level.

What if the TRUE Metrix meter gives inconsistent results?

Check that the test strips are within their expiry date and stored properly, and ensure that both the meter and strips are clean and functioning correctly.

Can the TRUE Metrix meter be used for tests other than blood glucose?

No, the TRUE Metrix meter is exclusively for blood glucose testing and does not support other types of tests.

What should be done if an expired test strip is used?

Discard the expired strip and perform the test with a new, valid strip to ensure accurate results.

How can I get in touch with customer support for the TRUE Metrix meter?

You can contact customer support at 1-800-803-6025, or refer to the contact details in the user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Is the TRUE Metrix meter appropriate for children or elderly users?

Yes, it can be used by individuals of various ages. It’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider to ensure it meets specific needs.

How often should the TRUE Metrix meter be cleaned?

Regular cleaning is recommended. Follow the cleaning instructions in the user manual, and avoid using water or cleaning solutions on the test strip area.

Does the TRUE Metrix meter work with any smartphone apps?

No, the TRUE Metrix meter does not support integration with smartphone apps. Use the meter’s built-in features or manual logs for tracking.

What steps should be taken if the TRUE Metrix meter stops working?

Check and replace the battery if necessary, and ensure that the meter and test strips are in good condition. Refer to the user manual or contact customer support if problems persist.

Are there any additional accessories available for the TRUE Metrix meter?

Check with the manufacturer or retailer for compatible accessories, such as lancing devices or carrying cases, to enhance the use of your meter.

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